South East Recomps has evolved and been created from many years in the fitness industry. We have developed key areas of our program specifically targeted towards a stronger mindset, which will be your main driving force. Have you attempted over and over again to reach your goals but just keep failing at it? You just cant quite harness the ability to stay consistent? The answer most of the time will be yes, because we face the struggle of maintaining comfort, it is human nature, we need to create new habits and structures to have a break through. All of this became a thing of the past once we identified this in our programs and now focus strong attention to the key behind any goal in life, the mindset.

We now utilise the 3 key fundamentals of reaching any fitness goal and that is training, nutrition and mindset. Combined this significantly increases your success rate. We will work closely together before the common misconception of training and diet alone is applied. We will work on digging down to the main roots of your ideal goals and why they are important. We will then rebuild back up to how we will achieve this. This process annihalates the often failed emotion of ‘motivation’ and creates a much more powerful and stable emotion, which is ‘dedication’.

You will then jump into the training program for 90 days, working out numerous times per week with an attached customised meal plan, we at south east recomps believe in a friendly, no judgement and supportive community.