Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Our professional team is pleased to offer Melbourne residents our rug cleaning services. We set up a professional on-site steam-extraction rug cleaning procedure which absolutely beats in-factory rug cleaning. Our qualified team of professionals will professionally take care of your rug at every stage of our cleaning session.

Our On-Site Rug Cleaning Stages:

Our Rug Cleaning Procedure consists of the following steps:

– Assessment
(our technicians assess condition of your rug, define most soiled areas, solution and cleaning approach)
– Vacuuming
(thorough vacuuming with two powerful vacuum engines)
– Shampooing
(only eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions are used). On top of that we care about your floors and ready to offer special protective covers to preserve your floors from any steam damage.
– High-pressure Steam-Extraction
(we employ up to 450 psi high-pressure steaming compressor with double engine extractors mounted on innovative commercial rug cleaning machine)
– Grooming– Deodorization
(we apply proper deodorizers after treatment for your rug to have light appealing smell welcoming you to step on it)
– Stain Removal Service
(the service is included into a price)
– Scotchgard protection
(creates a protective barrier against soil and makes your rug dirt resistant)*by request (our price does not include this service).

What Equipment Do We Use To Clean Your Rugs?

  • Our exclusive distributor supplies with one of the best professional rug cleaning machines in our business. We have wide range of rug cleaning equipment (from 150 psi to 450psi high-pressure steam-extractors) to clean particularly you rug given the condition and soiling of your rug