Mattress Cleaning

Our company offers professional mattress cleaning & sanitizing services in Melbourne. Got stains on your mattress? Is your mattress old and requires proper cleaning? We highly recommend to use professional Mattress Cleaning Melbourne services. We virtually change the look of your mattress to its brand new condition. Sleep on a healthy mattress free of dust and contaminants after our professional steam cleaning service.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization Procedure

Assessment and Inspection.

We examine condition and stains on your mattress choosing the most suitable cleaning solution;

  •  is meant to remove all dust physical particles from your mattress;

(we apply only eco-green biodegradable solutions to interact with dirt and stains);
-High-pressure Steam-Extraction
(cleans and naturally sanitizes stained and dirty areas, perfectly removes urine stains)
(the application of natural deodorizers to refresh your mattress);
-UV-light treatment
(*in cases when we deal with bed bugs);
Stain removal
(service is included in our flat rates);
-Scotchgard protection
(creates a protective barrier against stains and makes your mattress dirt resistant)*by request (our price does not include this service).

Mattress Cleaning Equipment

  • We use professional mattress cleaning machines provided by our exclusive supplier. Implemented innovative and high efficiency technics helps to show best cleaning results in mattress cleaning & sanitizing.

Where Do We Clean Your Mattress?

  • We provide on-site cleaning. The service is provided at your house/aparment.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • We provide complete satisfaction policy. We will redo the cleaning over and over until you are completely happy with the look of your mattress. We care about each and every customer.

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Our professional team is pleased to offer Melbourne residents our rug cleaning services. We set up a professional on-site steam-extraction rug cleaning procedure which absolutely beats in-factory rug cleaning. Our qualified team of professionals will professionally take care of your rug at every stage of our cleaning session.

Our On-Site Rug Cleaning Stages:

Our Rug Cleaning Procedure consists of the following steps:

– Assessment
(our technicians assess condition of your rug, define most soiled areas, solution and cleaning approach)
– Vacuuming
(thorough vacuuming with two powerful vacuum engines)
– Shampooing
(only eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions are used). On top of that we care about your floors and ready to offer special protective covers to preserve your floors from any steam damage.
– High-pressure Steam-Extraction
(we employ up to 450 psi high-pressure steaming compressor with double engine extractors mounted on innovative commercial rug cleaning machine)
– Grooming– Deodorization
(we apply proper deodorizers after treatment for your rug to have light appealing smell welcoming you to step on it)
– Stain Removal Service
(the service is included into a price)
– Scotchgard protection
(creates a protective barrier against soil and makes your rug dirt resistant)*by request (our price does not include this service).

What Equipment Do We Use To Clean Your Rugs?

  • Our exclusive distributor supplies with one of the best professional rug cleaning machines in our business. We have wide range of rug cleaning equipment (from 150 psi to 450psi high-pressure steam-extractors) to clean particularly you rug given the condition and soiling of your rug